Another big problem is what are being called “Homeless.”

Most of these people are not able to live in and/or maintain a home. Either by choice or because they
are mentally ill or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The people willing to work or living on a fixed retirement income who find their self out of a home have
a number of resources to help them. They do not have to live on the street.

I want to pass public trespassing laws that prevent potentially dangerous situations with homeless
camps. For example, we should have regulations that prevent camping in public places like parks. They
should be arrested or written a citation for misdemeanors they commit like shoplifting, indecent
exposure or any number of criminal violations they commit. If cited and they fail to appear in court, they
can be arrested. Once in custody and convicted they can be incarcerated for 30 days. This way they are
cleaned up, fed, given medical attention and evaluated for mental illness. (A great use for a tent city)

Those who are mentally ill would go to mental institutions or if addicted to substance to a mandatory
rehab program. The drug users and alcoholics will dry out ad have an opportunity to rejoin useful life.